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Spas and Tanning Ledges

Our line of Spas and Tanning ledges allow for so much custom looks to be done with your swimming pool. We are able to make them spillovers of flushmounts (depending on location).

Watery Background
Cosmopolitan Tanning Ledge
Mojito Spa
Bronx Stand Alone Spa


8' Round

The Bronx is our stand alone version of the Mojito.

The Mojito is our spillover or flush mountable spa.

The Cosmo is our round tanning ledge. This looks great with any of our freeform or kidney shaped pools.

Merlot Tanning Ledge


Moscato Tanning Ledge


The Moscato is one of our first tanning ledge models. This one is what comes with a Bay Breeze II.

Bellini Spa


8' x 10'

The Bellini is our square spa. This can be flush mounted, a spillover, or eve a stand alone!

8' x 10'

The Merlot tanning ledge is our newest model. It's a perfect rectangle and looks great next to any of our long walled pools.

8' x 12'

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